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I'm a musician. Guitarist and harmony singer for Days Outnumbered. Aussie. I write fanfics and other meaningless shizzle.

  • Daisyyeah132
    Everyone please please please read mine it's called 'under the moonlight' and I'm gonna make a sequel called 'fire on the water' please read under the moonlight thanks xx
  • Daisyyeah132
    I would like to nominate my own fan-fiction called 'it's gotta be you' and please like it and vote for it!!
    7 years ago
    And also sorry it isn't finished really but idk how I'm going to finish it so please vote anyway!!
    7 years ago
    ^Rules say you can't nominate yourself or your own story :)
  • Daisyyeah132
    Evryone who reads please like whether u actually enjoyed reading it or not, I really want to get some likes :) same with my other movella 'it's gotta be you'
    Under the moonlight
    Under the moonligh...
    This is for the Twilight competition. I am the biggest Twilight fan ever. Seriously, I'm not kidding. So I decided to enter this competition.
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