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Sup guises :3 I'm Lucy!! I love music and reading and internet >.< My main loves in life are One Direction, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Hunger Games, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Crabstickz and OMFGitsjackanddean.
So, that's my life in a box really... I don't know if that's a good thing or not.. SCREW YOU MIND. FANDOMS ARE THE BEST THING EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Byee :3

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    I'm never going to update this sorry kiddos I posted it 3 years ago
    It All Started With A Hippogriff
    It All Started Wit...
    What will happen when Harry goes to visit Draco in the hospital wing after his run in with Buckbeak? He only went there to ask him not to report Hagrid, but will Harry keep to his plan? Or will Harry leave...
    2 years ago
    would you be open to someone adopting it?
    *cries internally* It's alright.
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    It's been more than a month now.. PLEASE update!! It's just so amazing!!
    Fifty years after Harry Potter destroyed Lord Voldemort, the biggest threat of the wizarding world, there was finally peace. Erela Harris, an awkward witch, starts her life off in Hogwarts to try and discover...
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    I just wanted to share with you how amazing I found this. I loved it almost as much as Ioved Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. And that's a lot. You're an amazing writer. I was so intrigued and i read it in a day. I cried loads. Please, for me and all the other people who have had the joy of reading this, post it on more sites, promote it more. Because it is amazing. And every pottehead/tribute deserves to read it. <3
    The Hogwarts Games
    The Hogwarts Games
    Winner of the Crossover Competition! *_* I decided to combine two of my favourite fandoms - Harry Potter and Hunger Games to come up with - The Hogwarts Games! I've tried to pick up the story of Harry...
    5 years ago
    That is so sweet of you! Thank you SO much. <3 xxx
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