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I have two children with my boyfriend--furry German Shepherds that are our life. I'm a huge dog geek. Pretty soon my oldest baby is going to be a service dog <3

I originally hail from wattpad as MrCheeze

I've been featured on Publishers Weekly

I've completed over 10 books

I stopped writing for a while but hopefully Movellas can get me back in the game

Meh e.e

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  • D.K. Combs

    mumbled "Anyone else think it's just a TAD rude to comment on someone else's story, asking people to read yours? Just a bit? Yeah? Me too."

    3 years agoReply
    Anyone else think it's a bit rude when people comment on your story with "Please check out my story!"? Anyone? Yeah?
    3 years ago
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    ugh it's the worst
    3 years ago
    They have no thought process when they do that.
    Bonne Simmons
    3 years ago
    It's very rude when they do that. It just makes me want to be very rude back.
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