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hey my name is shelby!
i love one direction and five seconds of summer
my fav member in one direction is: harry
my fav in five seconds of summer is: luke
my fav color is my background
i love to sing and im kind of sassy person i say alot of crazy things and i am very random i will talk about alot of things without a problem i like writing fan fictions

  • cuteasabutton_luke

    mumbled "i picked some one to do my cover yay "

    Kylierose88 thanks so much for making me a cover for my most resent book letters to styles
    thanks by the way
    oh and about the co-authoring if you want you can co-author for me it would help alot
  • cuteasabutton_luke

    mumbled "need a cover for my story letters to styles"

    would anybody possibly make me a cover for my most recent story for free hopefully plszzzz i need one
    KayCee K
    5 years ago
    Here's some people who do covers...

    Cover Store *OPEN*Hey guys so I love to make covers so I decided to create a Cover Store. I really do try my best. If you want anything changed just ask me. I hope you all...

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    Free CoversTell me your info and I'll have yoir cover ASAP

    Cover StoreNeed a cover come over here!

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    CorkyPorky's Cover Store //CLOSEDI really enjoy making covers, so I figured why not make covers for other people on Movellas? Just comment the details listed in the first chapter and...

    i can make one
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    ik i havent been on in a while umm there are three give me a couple of days to decide and i will tell who i want to do my cover by mumbling k
  • cuteasabutton_luke

    mumbled "@maliksgirl243"

    would you co-author for me on my story pls