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I am a 20 year old lesbian novelist. I have one self published novella and one self published novel, both of which are available on Amazon.com, and I am working on another novel currently. I love animals, I oil paint, and I'm contemplating Reincarnation currently.

Also, anybody who looks at this, PLEASE READ MY NOVEL SMILER. It's my first one and it's awesome, trust me. Almost as awesome as my little sis and her sick (in more ways than one) writing...

  • csLonewolf

    mumbled "For Ariadne Wight:"

    4 years agoReply

    Thought you might think these are funny...
    4 years ago
    O my god...that's great....
    4 years ago
    Little Shitler :P
    Ariadne Wight
    4 years ago
    I know... We even wrote out his whole life story.
    He's gay, and had a crush on Stalin, because he loved his "eyes like death and 'stache of pig iron." However, in the end his affection was not returned, so poor little Shiter moved to America, where he had flings with Richard Nixon (the real truth behind the Watergate Scandal!), Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and he is currently dating our twenty-fifth uncle seven times removed or whatever: Tom Cruise.
    *Sob* I'm just so proud!
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