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I love cats, reading, long distance running, vegetarian and vegan cooking, percussion, beading, blogging, and writing unique and original fiction stories and interesting and informitive nonfiction. Please comment and check out my blog at www.1crazycatgirl.blogspot.com!

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    Cat Lovers

    How many cat lovers are out there? I love cats for many reasons. Why do you love cats?
    Ms Holly
    5 years ago
    I just love the precise way they move. Like how they can jump and walk along narrow surfaces really well. Or in the case of my cat, how he manages to slink behind my curtains to sit on the radiator.
    2 years ago
    hey, I have two cats and they are so cute.
    Hope Skyliner
    2 years ago
    I like how they can still be part of the human world when they purr and sit on your lap but also they have this purly animal intinct part where they sneak around and hunt. Even though i do not really want a dead mouse.
  • Crazy Cat Girl
    This looks very interesting...I'm excited to read more!
    Lost In Tear Drops
    Lost In Tear Drops
    Drake Stone has always been bullied. Every since he confirmed his sexuality, being gay is heartbreaking to him. But what happens when he meets Clarissa, a small country girl moving to the Big Apple? Will...
  • Crazy Cat Girl

    Awesome Vegan/Vegetarian Recipes

    One of my favorite blogs is Oh She Glows by Angela Liddon at www.ohsheglows.com. It features tons of really great vegan recipes, as well as posts about fitness, running, yoga, and sometimes will mention things about her husband and cat. Do you know of any other good blogs or recipes?
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