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Hey, guys its me CowardlyBlogging, and this be my page. So I guess I have to do that awkward thing were I tell you about myself. . . *sighs*

- u don't need to know my name
- I like green and blue
- I hate being around people in real life, -the internet is way better-
- I'm really awkward
- I hate when people ask for my pic - bitch why you needa see me?-
- I'm bisexual
- I'm really blunt
- I'm okay with hurting someone else's feelings
- I went through depression from age 8-14
- I'm 16
- I <3 emo guys
- I don't care about others opinion
- I'm usually numb
- I write
- and I <3 haters
- my fan base name is my "cowards" or my "turtles"
- though I'm quite brave and adventures I wasn't adventures enough to put my real pic thus my named
- no hate
- I dance
- I sing
- I steal you man
- I still yo woman
- its life
- I cocky ( cocky ;) )
- smh
- I love unicorns
- I love skittles

  • CowardlyBlogging

    mumbled "bloop"

    Let's start off today with a cute boy
    †☮Beauty Was An Option?†
    he's cute! haha but anyways not too be a total bothering b*tch but can you please read my first story "for a good time-call" on my page and i'd appreciate it if you comment && like if you liked it, thx much luvv Xx
    Ps** sorry if i bothered you! :)
    7 years ago
    Lol I will and no you didn't bother me
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    mumbled "hi guys"

    Hey ppls I'm back and guess what I have a new friend, and guess what she loves cats that's why I've been gone so long, me and her took pics together it was so much fun. Here's hers. Hope you guys didn't miss me to much.
    7 years ago
    You deleted your selfies :( I liked them you are so cute ♥
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    mumbled "omfg thoo"


    I am so sick of attractive people, and I don't mean regular attractive people I mean overly attractive people like bitch do you have to be so perfect as to were I wanna lick your fucking face, omigahd I'm so mean I'm sorry . . . . . NOT and my mom brought her weird new boyfriend to her house and is talking to her about her sexuality . . . . sorry to all you attractive as fuck, fuckers my mommy makes me mad :( but hey at least your still beautiful <3
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    mumbled "Dear mother,"


    Y'know, you fucked up my life pretty good. Like I have to applaud you for all the shit you put me threw, I can't say it made me stronger, but I can sure as hell say it made me immune, if someone where to call me every name in the book, it wouldn't even hurt, because I've had it done before. You took my childhood, you took my conscience, you took my heart. And now thank to you, I'm a fucked up psychopath who needs medication, wishes they could commit suicide, prays for the day you die, and believe happiness is a myth. So thank you, for fucking my life up, just so you wouldn't be the only one to suffer. Oh, and to all the people who think this is over some petty shit and I'm 'over reacting' fuck you, because you don't know half the shit I went threw. And to all the people who feel sorry for me, thanks but don't comment sorry or anything I know there's still potentially good people out there, and to all the people who just don't give a fuck, thanks at least I know I'm not the only bitter asshole alive.
    7 years ago
    Kik me @/OneDirection_purple (okay its a stupid username but its easy to remember :P talk to me if you EVER feel sad I will always be there ♥♥♥
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