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I love writing and being imaginative!! This is the perfect website for me to go on :) I also LOVE Olly Murs and One Direction <3 !!!xxx

  • Courtneyyyy
    7 years agoReply
    Oh my gosh it took me like 6 hours to read passions and passions'2 and i cant believe that its finished i was hoping it would never end!! It was absoulutely amazing you should get these books published and put in shops!! Please,please,please write more :) x
    Passion '2 (15+)
    Passion '2 (15+)
    "Remember when I promised to love you forever?" "Yes?" "Forever isn't over yet."
  • Courtneyyyy
    7 years agoReply
    Wow that is amazing. Very good descriptive writing and I would love to hear more about it :) Well Done you clearly have always had a talent for writing stories xx
    The Vanrai's Last Stand
    The Vanrai's Last...
    This is an old story I found in an almost lost documents folder. I think i wrote it during my last year at school. Re-reading it, I cringed a little at some of the cliches I had used, but there is a little...
  • Courtneyyyy
    7 years agoReply
    Please tell me what you think of this story. Its my first story on Movella and it's based on Olly Murs, who I loveeeee :) xxxx Thanks xxx
    Official Only Olly Fan
    Official Only Olly...
    A short story about a Fan going to see Olly Murs in concert when something horrible happens...........
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