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I love, love, love writing! I have always enjoyed writing stories and I hope you enjoy the stories I write. I try to get as much description into my stories as I can, and am always looking for ways to improve my work! So please if you see any mistakes or grammar problems please let me know so I can sort it out and make it better for other readers. Thank you, xxx Cookie Monster xxx

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    It feels good to be back on Movellas. I haven't written on here in so long! Looking forward to writing a collaboration with Nat's Chat's!
    Nat's chat's
    4 years ago
    Can't wait! It's something to look forward to this year!
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    Do you ever look at your Movellas you've written and wish that you were more popular? I do. I mean, how do they make their Movellas so popular. Even if you write a trully amazing story you still might not be noticed. Look at the current activity bar and try and make sure your name is on it everytime you're on Movellas, that's when you'll start to see small differences in the amount of views. Come on! Let's become famous Movellians!
    5 years ago
    Hello Fellow Movellian! I was wondering if you could volunteer as tribute and sign up for my movella, The Hunger Games- Virtual Version! Thank you and may the odds be ever in your favor!
    The Hunger Games: Virtual VersionHave you ever wanted to be part of the Hunger Games? Well of course not! You would die! But not in the virtual kind. Welcome to the Hunger Games: Virtual...
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    mumbled "Realistic Spy Missions"

    Well, I'm going to write a spy book with a lot of comedy in it hopefully! I have decided on a scene in a hotel room and a another in a crockery shop with a shoot off going on! Unfortunately I don't have a mission for my characters to go on so I was hoping you could help me out please. I did make a topic in the forum but I put it under the error category by accident as I am doing this on my iPod! Lol trust me to mick it up!!! Please help me as I want this story to be good! Thanks for your support! Love Cookie Monster XXX