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we are all dreamers, wanting to be completely out of touch with reality

  • euphoria.

    mumbled "goodbye movellas "

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    for about a year or more, I’ve seen many movellas users leave this site. i thought it was sort of dumb - to write a goodbye - but now i’m doing the same thing.
    I joined this website when i was eleven and started off just reading fanfictions. then one night, i started writing my own stories & thought it was fun.
    i have to say though, the website has changed extremely since i joined. the stories are no longer the same, nor is the feedback. the mumbles and atmosphere - in my opinion - are no longer good. i have noticed arguments, attention seekers, and lots of immaturity forming on this website. maybe it’s just my age, or my new mindset.
    the stories i write no longer receive attention, causing my ideas & motivation to diminish.
    once people started writing their goodbyes, i thought i would still try to stay, come on here to brighten my day every once in a while, but it’s just not the same anymore.
    i stayed mostly for contact with my wonderful friends i got to make on here, but now that we all have a different form of contact through phone numbers, emails, and social media, i no longer feel the use to sign on here anymore.

    i’m not sure who will read this, but this is my goodbye.
    for now atleast.

    maybe someday i’ll get curious to see what has happened to this site & i’ll log on once again.
    thank you for the years where i got to write my cliche, not very well written, story ideas my mind would shoot at me. thanks for the nice comments and compliments i got. this site was also a distraction from things going on at home, or sometimes something to go to when i was bored at school. movellas will always have a special place in my heart.

    teen idle
    3 years ago
    love you cynthia <3

  • euphoria.
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    gosh i love this story so much <3
    youre a great author, honestly. it's super interesting and every time you update i get excited.
    J, B, and C
    J, B, and C
    Isabelle, also known as Izzy is about to have a summer that she won't forget. She lives across the street from her two best friends, who also help her embarrass herself in front of their friend who she...
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    aw thank you so much! that means a lot i know i take a while to update but it makes me really happy when i get feedback like yours!
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    this actually seems really interesting. the only thing i noticed is that it's all written in present tense, but the part where it says "she was good at almost everything." shouldn't it be "she is good" ? either way, I don't known if im right or wrong, but i really like it (:
    The Shadow Girl
    The Shadow Girl
    "Behind the famous, behind the Queen, lies the most infamous unseen, the brighter the star, the darker her casts, the more she is glowing the blacker her past, the more she dances, the more she twirls,...
    The Girl Who Waited
    Thanks, my tenses do tend to mix up in a while, but I will definitely fix that :)

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    i immediately likes & favorited it before even beginning to read it xD
    training wheels ✧ halsanie [epilogue]
    training wheels...
    "i wanna ride my bike with you, fully undressed, no training wheels left for you."
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    4 years ago
    i love you sm. thIS IS WHY YOU'RE A CUTiE
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