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Hiya! I am you average Pegasister, and I write fanfiction for fun. I hate those really messed up fics, so don't expect to get any of that stuff from me. I like creating OCs (Original Characters) and, like every other lazy person in the world, I use pony maker to illustrate where I see fit. My fanfiction should be suitable for all ages, and if not, more centered to the very slightly older crowd I.E 12+ yrs. Otherwise, I am family friendly :)

Cloud Inkwell is my favourite OC that I've made. More about HIM later...:)

My real name WILL NOT be disclosed, because I don't like giving out really personal info on the 'net.

You can fan me if you like my content, but I don't fan back unless I like your's.

As for my fanfiction "Faith", it's been an Idea I've wanted to try out for a long time. I, myself am not christian, but I found a good angle to take on the subject.

Best Pony: Princess Twilight (Obviously, she's the princess of freaking friendship)
Who is your favourite pony?