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well im a huge 1D FAN like i love them and I love writing its my life. I am a little obsessed with anything that has to do with England or Germany!!!! Oh and I love shopping!! (but what girl doesnt!!!) I hope you enjoy my stories. I also have lots of fun making people happy so enjoy my stories and feel free to give me any feedback or request stories!!!!!!! :)

  • Claire<3
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    Wow I forgot how much I used to love movellas until I read this , hope you update soon
    Worse +16
    Worse +16
    (Sequel to Bad ) It happened .They fell in love . Unconditional love as they call it . Something nobody NOT EVEN Justin and Selena could compete with . The perfect relationship was then runied by Betrayal...
  • Claire<3
    7 years agoReply
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    I wish I could reread this for the first time
    Beauty and the Geek
    Beauty and the Gee...
    Emily has everything she has ever wanted; popularity, a handsome, all-star athlete boyfriend and a top spot on the cheerleading squad. So why does it feel like she has nothing at all? When her grades...
    Stephanie Williams
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    Thankyou very much!!! I read it through for the first time today, even though I wrote it I've never really did that before!! :) It was fun to see it from a reader's perspective, I hope you liked it!xxx
    7 years ago
    I did It was great :)
  • Claire<3
    7 years agoReply
    Niall!!! And I thought this was another update!!
    20 Days *1 Day Left*
    20 Days *1 Day Lef...
    "You want me. Every inch of your body wants me," he hissed, "You want me to touch you. You want me to fuck you". "You have twenty days left, Styles," I whispered looking at his delicious lips. "But you...
  • Claire<3
    7 years agoReply
    Us against the world
    Us against the wor...
    This is the sequel to 'Cyber Louis' check that out before you read. Rae and Louis have overcome a lot, but their happy ending is far from them. They will do everything in their power to find Reiss, but...
  • Claire<3
    7 years agoReply
    Awww no!!! Now I'm sad poor niall!!!!!
    Life of a Eleanor Calder
    Life of a Eleanor...
    Emma was Eleanor Calder's doppelganger. She did most of Eleanor's public appearances, and had to pretend to be in love with Eleanor's boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. But that is hard because she had fallen...
    7 years ago
    I know :( I deeply regret it now... xx
    7 years ago
    You can still take it back lol Or make her realize what she is doing before it goes to far! You techinically didnt say they had sex!
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