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Hey. I'm Cimorelli_2.0.
My life was ruined by 6 weenie sisters who sing about apple pie while holding oranges... Oh well... I'm all for it!
A few things you should know...
I Love,
*Chrissy (aka Christina)
*Kathy Mc Kath Kath (aka Katherine)
*Moose (aka Lisa)
*Ames (aka Amy)
*Lolo Bean (aka Lauren)
* and Spice (aka Dani)
They are all sisters and part of CIMORELLI! So basically i love cimorelli :)
*Haters Make Me/You Famous.

*Once a CimFam, Always A CimFam.*

  • Cimorelli_2.0
    This is really good so far! Update soon! Tbh, your the one that brought me back on movellas! I'm glad to meet another cimfam on here! Best wishes in the future!
    Love Struck
    Love Struck
    When Cimorelli find themselves touring Europe the girls know that nothing can go wrong on this trip. But during their stay in France Katherine finds herself head over heals for a young handsome poet. She...
  • Cimorelli_2.0

    mumbled "******Cimorelli Update******"

    So... as of last weekend.... CIMORELLI AND FIFTH HARMONY ARE LIKE GOOD FRIENDS!!!!! Haha.. where has the time gone?
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