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I am 15, and love One direction. Obviously. I am really cool person to get to know, and I love Niall James Horan. Just sayiinn.<3
Anyway, I try to read people's movellas if they ask, but I can't always get to all of them. I live in Texas, & I am a cheer leader. I love all of my readers.
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That's about it. xx

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    mumbled "Skyscraper"

    Have any of y'all heard the song skyscraper by Demi Lovato? I can't stop listening to it. You have no idea how much I relate to it, she gets called fat, whore, ugly. Same kind of stuff happens to me. Not so much this year,, but a LOT last year. I feel like I can be open with my fans, y'all are all so supportive. It makes me feel important. Trust me I am not a whore. I am a virgin, so I don't know why I have been called that before. Anyway, last year around the end of the year, I was so fed up with all of these names I was being called that I decided I was going to end it all. So (this is so stupid don't try it) I drank a whole bottle of cough syrup. I didn't eat anything, and I thought that if I went to sleep I would never wake up. Well, actually I became very dizzy and was becoming numb in a few places. This is when I started to panic, so I told my mom. She told me that either I throw up or I go to the hospital to get my stomach pumped, So eventually I gagged myself enough to throw it all up. Eversince that day I promised to never be so stupid again. Even though I may not be that strong emotionally, I pretend that I am. I am telling y'all this so that, if ANY of you are dealing with something that you think may be severe enough to try and risk your life Please! kik me and I will help you through it! I won't tell anyone, I will listen. I will help if you want me to. Or I could just listen, you could talk to me and let it all out. It is completely confidential! @Christie_Reid
    5 years ago
    hey, can you read my fan fic Unexpected Meet? It would mean a lot to me, thnx!
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    mumbled "Venting."

    Okay, I feel like letting my feelings out, and write about like messed up crap going on in my life. So number one, I am literally going to explode if I don't get out of my house, my friends are all busy like all the time, and my school hasn't started yet. My dad just left leaving my brother at home alone to go with his buddies and drink. May I mention he has already had a few and still took my brother to his school for meet the teacher. You could totally tell he wasn't all the way there. I am just so tired of him doing that. Then, I have people who don't like me for like no reason, and feel the need to talk crap. So I am letting this all out while blasting some heavy metal music in my headphones. The one person I wish I could talk to won't reply and it hurts me, cause I really like him. I know I sound pathetic but sometimes it's good to let it all out. My dad isn't a bad guy, but seriously.. it's not cool for him to do that. I'm just soo over it. My mom won't be home until like later tonight, so who knows.
    That's all. Just wanted to put that out there for no reason.
    No Hate Please. I might scream if someone tells me I am over reacting. Just saying.
    Thanks Leslie, where are you from in Texas, I live near Dallas(:
    Have you ever felt like you wish you didn't know that a secret even excisted, and even more that you didn't know what it is? Well. let me tell you, it sucks.
    Nicole Paige
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    hi christie! i love your stories!! could u read mine? i just started mine and would really like people to read it!