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Hey guys, I'm a new member rite now! I'm actually working on a story called... "Love at first sight!" I'll be publishing the rest of it soon so I hope to see your comments!!!

  • Choc-Fan21
    7 years agoReply
    real good dude! carry on - i'm lovin this
    Behind the red carpet
    Behind the red car...
    Cassandra Wilson is a famous fashion designer with 7 amazingly talented children. Most of them have ambitions to be superstars, journalists and writers, but there's just one who wants to escape the celebrity...
  • Choc-Fan21
    7 years agoReply
    CAN'T wait to read the end...!!!!!!
    Love never Lasts
    Love never Lasts
    Based on a true story. Thanks to flora5499, starstruck, directioner_forever, directioner_4life<3, Laladuck and rockongirl2012, amaze123, choc-fan21 and amz rekum for featuring and supporting this story!...
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