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Hey Everyone! So here I am, trying to put my imagination into a story.

I really hope you like my stories! I try my best on each of them and hope you enjoy reading them. Please feel free to leave comments and feedback or ideas and you never know.. I might even use them in the story!

LOVE YOU GUYS!! x -Chloe


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  • autumn_larry
    this is beautifully written! I loved it! Sad.. but amazing haha :)
    Eleven Days and Eternity - Niam One Shot
    Eleven Days and...
    “Hey, Niall?” I looked up. “Yeah?” “Before I go to sleep, could I ask a favor?” “Anything.” “Could you sing for me?”
  • autumn_larry

    mumbled "I've decided to come back to Movellas!"

    The title says it. I'm gonna start writing fanfiction/stories on here once again. I've deleted my previous fanfics so I can start over on a new page :) Hope you guys like my new stories and my much improved writing! haha
    -Chloe xx
  • autumn_larry

    mumbled "POEM!"

    Just posted another part to my poem "Don't Let Me Go". Hope you like it! It was originally just going to be a one chapter poem, but then I thought, maybe I should continue it and see what happens! :) Anyways, thanks for all your support and everything! -Chloe xx
  • autumn_larry
    This is a REALLY good story! Please update soon. Would have never thought of someone who could cry blood. :) Loving the story line too.
    crying blood - one direction fan .fiction-
    crying blood - one...
    My first movella , no hate please! Lynn Baker,19, has better things to do then stalk one direction on twitter. She doesn't hate them,but things can change. What happens when she gets stuck on a fair ride...
    8 years ago
    Cool! Strange, but awesome :)
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