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  • chlomoney

    mumbled "Cover for daniiisamazayn :)x"

    6 years agoReply

    hope you like it and good luck with your book!
    check out my recent story if you have a chance "18" :)x
  • chlomoney

    mumbled "Cover Request ...."

    6 years agoReply
    I used to suck at doing covers, but thankfully I have amazing friends who told me about some websites that are LIFE SAVERS (:
    Since the food is still cooking I wanna do some covers for anyone ....
    Requests are open (:
    6 years ago
    Sure :)
    I'll just need you to fill this :
    Mood: ex- black & white; pastel etc
    Danii Brown
    6 years ago
    Title: Better Than Words
    Author: me (daniiisamazayn - I am changing my name on here to that)
    Celebrities: Niall Horan
    Mood: i don't know, just do what you think will suit it.
    Other: All of 1D is in it. So is their girlfriends. Niall is dating a girl named Ashley. She has long golden hair. Her eyes are a like an ocean green.

    If you need anymore info, let me know :) thank you, you're amazing <3 <3
    6 years ago
    i posted your cover on my newest mumble! hope you like it :)x
  • chlomoney

    mumbled "New Story that im determined to complete ;)"

    6 years agoReply
    if you know anything about me then you'll know that I have horrible commitment. I've written about 4 other stories and they were getting attention, but I failed my readers by not updating at all. I feel bad, I really do. But now I'll be attempting to complete my most recent story "18". It has no views yet, which sucks. So im asking you'd give my writing a chance and read it. I'd appreciate it :)
  • chlomoney
    7 years agoReply
    Judge Tyler Oakley
    One Direction
    The Wanted
    Amanda Bynes
    Lindsay Lohan
    And the Royal Baby
    Bitchy Opinons
    Bitchy Opinons
    imma either be all beyonce or snooki about a topic oops
    ✓ Brett Carver
    now thats the idea
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