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Charlie, my beautiful horse, but more importantly, a bestfriend.

my dream is to become an actress and an author.

I am currently in year 9 at ballarat secondary college wendouree.

I love my friends and family, but I love Charlie more than anything or anyone.

you can call me chey, cheys, or cheychey. only special people call me cheyinator.

if you meet me, do not, at any time, touch my back!

I write a lot of fan-fiction, rarely a true story, and almost never something completely by me. Magic, romance, anything in that category. I've mainly written fan-fictions about the Harry Potter series, though I don't know how much longer that will last, as my obsessions change every few months. Though Harry Potter has stuck longer, and will once I watch all of the movies. I like to read, and write. The true story is about my fall off of my horse, and how I was a millimetre away from being paralysed. My stories are usually in first person, though from now on (17 December 2012) I will mostly be writing in third person. I love and adore my fans and the people I follow. I always follow you back, no matter what.

Peace and love, Cheyenne xx

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