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i am wanting to follow in the footsteps of my idles little mix. perries so pritty and anyone that hates on the girlfriends of 1D are not true directioners. your just people that are behind a screen hurting other peoples fealings for no reason. PLEASE STOP GUYS IT'S NOT FAIR.

love you all so much
cher xx

  • cher nicole horan

    mumbled "zayn left 1D"

    zany Malik left 1D but why, well I will tell u. we know its not because of Perrie and its only because he needs a brake from all the stress that he has. we also know that little mix perrie Edwards has gone on holiday with him and his family a couple of days ago. please stop hating on perrie. also zany will always be 1/5 of 1D. there has been 1 too many deaths well to be 2000 or more well stop coz who is going to spead the word of 1D if we are all dead
    Lucy Lenehan
    5 years ago
    I know im listening to his new song right now
    cher nicole horan
    it dosnt sond right
    Lucy Lenehan
    5 years ago
    ikr we need the other 4 boys to sing with him because that sounds better. the 1D songs sound better with him and the boys xoxo

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