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Unpopular (music) Artists that are Seriously Unappreciated

by , Thursday March 1, 2018
Unpopular (music) Artists that are Seriously Unappreciated

Looking for some new music? I might have some starting points for for!

There's a few artists whos' music I have fallen in love with, and who I feel deserve a lot more fans than what they have.

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  • Chelber
    4 days agoReply
    The Ultimate NaNo Race - 2018
    The Ultimate NaNo...
    Come one, come all! This is my 4th NaNo Race! Come and join the fun and sprint to 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month!
  • Chelber
    1 months agoReply
    Holy SHIT it sounds like she's about to murder someone?? I'm terrified???
    All Fall Down
    All Fall Down
    The poison of unrequited love, detailing the fall, the withdrawal and the heartache, but without the letting go. The toxicity of holding on.
  • Chelber

    mumbled "More Child's Play stuff >:)"

    5 months agoReply

    "Go back to playing hero with your girlfriend."

    TECHNICALLY this is Child's Play spoilers but who cares, it's going to be ages before I'll finish the book so I might as well give you some content now.

    Guess what's happening here I dare you.
    5 months ago
    I'm really bad at guessing lol but AHHH THIS IS AMAZING AND EMOTIONAL AND I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE BOOK <3 <3
    4 months ago
    IT GETS REALLY SAD AND I TOO AM EXCITED!!!! Just gotta write the damn thing now :')
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