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I'll write my fanfiction on here, but be warned that not all of it is good because I'm focusing on true novels as well.

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    Don't hate yourself. Thanks for the offer, but I'm okay.

    xx. Apology accepted.
    is love real!?
    is love real!?
    somebody hurt cheyanne in the past!! She has a serious case of lukemea and only has her bestfriend Emma!! she doesnt trust anyone that talks to her but what happens when someone from her past realizes...
    7 years ago
    Secrets: Ok so everyone who's reading this I'm the author and I'm not goin to be able to update in awhile bcuz I'm going to Florida tonight and I'm not sure the place we r going to will have a computer so luv u all srry I will try my hardest to make it up
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    mumbled "AHH. SO ANNOYING."

    Does anyone know how to make paragraphs? Whenever I write, I get one long paragraph and I'm so frustrated. Any tips?
    7 years ago
    Take a paragraph whenever someone new talks or whenever the location changes. I think those are the only situations that you need take a paragraph off the top of my head.
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