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I'm an abnormal girl.. Just kidding! I'm a normal girl who lives in a normal life. Everyday is my worst day even though me and my best friends talk each other.

I'm a fat girl. >< I love to make a story about Romance, Horror!

I update my story every Sunday. I love making stories especially when i'm sad. I used to name my characters in Japanese name!

~ Konnichiwa! Watashi wa shoshinshada!! ~

  • ChaCha Chacolate

    mumbled "Whew!"

    There was a problem at our internet so I didn't post a story! Uwaaahh!! I promise maybe this day or tomorrow i'll post the story that I made!! >< I can't think of any title!! XD
  • ChaCha Chacolate

    mumbled "Starting this day (Maybe)"

    Starting this day (Sunday, November 24, 2013), i'm going to start making a story! C:
    7 years ago
    What kind of story? C: by the way do you watch anime? If so what kind :p
    ChaCha Chacolate
    7 years ago
    Maybe romance (I'm not sure yet but I was planning that it would be a romance)!! >< Yup, I do watch anime! I watch everything but I prefer romance! :)
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