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©HIYA HIYA, The name is Cecilia but you can call me Cece or cee, whichever is fine with me.

©I'm 19 years of age, like meeting new people especially rp accounts, cause thats where I fit in at <3

©Food is my bestfriend, and we get along very nicely!

©I'm a really chill and laidback person for the most part, who loves to make jokes, pull pranks, and just do the unexpected, but I do NOT tolerate drama. If you have some beef and cheese with someone DO NOT drag me in the middle, cause I will just walk right out of it and go away from you, until you and whoever sorts it out <3

©Don't be afraid to introduce yourself cause, like I said I love meeting new people ��❤❤❤

(I'm arp account btw <3

§ Stay Strong and Stay Beautiful §


  • ✔Cecilia Williams

    mumbled "Yellow people, I am new!"

    I'm new, just started a few minutes ago and I'm a rp account. I use to be on quotev 24/7 but, quotev became a b*tch and now all of my accounts were deleted and I was banned from there and everytime I make an account they won't let me log in and automatically delete it ;( QUOTEV WAS MY LIFE!
    Stacy Morgan
    7 years ago
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    Welcome to Movellas! Hope you enjoy being here! I feel your pain! I was "banned" from Quotev also. I now have Wattpad and Movellas.
    7 years ago
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    welcome to movellas (:
    ✔Cecilia Williams
    Thanks everyone
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