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    mumbled "Life update October 2018"

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    I’ve been on hiatus for a little bit, I know I said I was gone for good. But that may not be the case.
    How’s life?
    Life for me is going amazing, so many inspiring things have happened, I’ve met so many new people and have traveled quite a bit. I think it’s time that I go back to writing.
    Or maybe I won’t.
    I guess we will find out later on in the future ������
    I know this isn’t much of an update for you guys, but life has moved on in all the best ways possible.
    I hope everyone is doing well!
    I just thought I’d come on here for a little 2:00 AM update ��
    To keep up with me follow my Instagram- @ bree.oliviaa
    Ps- enjoy this pic of me from this summer, pre bat tattoo�� (oh yeah, I’ve got 5 tattoos now)
    Lady Whimsy
    1 years ago
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    Where is that? it's beautiful love your hair color.
    1 years ago
    Thank you! That beach is a hidden lake in Ontario Canada, not many people know about it! :)
    Lady Whimsy
    1 years ago
    so cool
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    mumbled "I've been trying to say this for awhile I just could never word it correctly. | Quitting Movellas |"

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    Hi everyone.

    As most of you know; I have been off and on Movellas for quite some time now. However lately I have mostly been offline.
    This is due to many reasons; one of them being writers block.
    You will notice that I have unpublished all stories of mine including ones with many views and favorites. I figured it would be easier that way for people in the future opposed to being left hanging with a cliffhanger or something like that.
    To answer your question- Yes every book that I have written has now officially been scrapped.

    Since I am always absent and never adding new content due to writers block and other problems I have decided that it would be easier to just quit Movellas all-together.

    This decision didn't come suddenly. I have known that I have wanted to quit for a few months now. I have written this note many times in many different ways. I just could never find the right words to use.

    In the pastI loved to write stories and it truly saddens me to do this but it is most definitely for the best.

    I would like to thank all of my followers and friends who have helped me get to were I was when writing.
    Your support truly meant the world to me even if I rarely showed it.

    My account will remain on the website however it will remain inactive.

    Thanks everyone for understanding.

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    I have been writing a new book called 'Toxic'
    It's about an 18 year old boy named Marco, hes a drug dealer and he meets a girl named Gabbie who turns his world upside down. Marco must learn how to keep both of his lives separate while keeping Gabbie happy as she isn't too pleased with his job.
    The first chapter is out now!
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