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"Diamonds are only stones that lasts forever.
Gold is only a material that comes and goes, as winds fly.

books are adventures written down in words to be discovered by the adventures readers. "- carrie sweet

  • carrie sweet
    smukt skrevet!
    Jeg Svigtede Dig
    Jeg Svigtede Dig
    Jeg har skrevet dette til min veninde med anoreksi. Hun var min eneste veninde, og jeg føler jeg svigtede hende, fordi jeg ikke var der for hende da jeg burde. Jeg håber I vil tage det seriøst.
    7 years ago
    Tusind tak :)
  • carrie sweet

    mumbled "Hey everyone "

    Hey !
    Welcome to my blog, I hope you'll enyoy my writings. I really look forward to upload some of my things. Look out for my stuff, I really wanna share some things or two :) Goodnight everyone !<3
    Xoxo Hopeless<3
    7 years ago
    Hi, welcome to the site, how are you finding it so far? I'm here to help if you need me :)
    carrie sweet
    7 years ago
    thanx. I really like it, and thanks yet again :)
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