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Hi I'm Camaren, I love to write stories and be very creative I also love singing,drawing,writing,and volly ball! I would love to be a artist or a writer when I grow up, my idols are Harry Styles,Liam Payne,Niall Horan,Zayn Malik,and Louis Tomlinson also known as One Direction!! Thanks for liking and commenting!!! ~CamStyles

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    I can't believe 2k people have read my book!! I'm do thankfull to everyone who took the time to read it. Thanks a bunch love ~CamStyles
    That one special summer
    That one special...
    The story is about one direction , and how this girl named Jade gets involved with them excpecially Harry.... But it all started when Jade was at a stop light she was texting her best friend cause it was...
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    Please write more! I love your book, it's fantastic! I hope Zayn and Emily get back together. Well please right more! ~One of your fans ~CamStyles
    Passion '2 (15+)
    Passion '2 (15+)
    "Remember when I promised to love you forever?" "Yes?" "Forever isn't over yet."
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    I LOVE your story, I saw Passion 2 but I wanted to read the first one, I'm very glad I did :) your a amazing writer :D ~CamStyles
    Passion (15+)
    Passion (15+)
    When the 16 years old girl called Emily, decided to go for a trip to Brighton, UK, with three of her best friends, she didn't imagine running into a guy that would change her life completely. Their plans...
    Emily A. H.
    6 years ago
    Thanks a lot, sweetie! :D
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    Please go on!!! You are a awesome writer btw :) ~CamStyles
    Give Your Heart a Break
    Give Your Heart...
    Its amazing how one minute life can be great, than a second later your life is turned upside down. Stacy ends up in the hospital and no one knows is shes gonna make it. What will happen if she does but...
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    Love the story and you are very nice :) I hope you have fun at camp!!
    The Summer I'd Never Forget.
    The Summer I'd Nev...
    What happens when 17-year-old Sadie Linten and Niall Horan spark a romance? Will it work out, since they're both on vacation in Florida for only two weeks?
    6 years ago
    You just seem like a nice person :) sorry I'm wierd. And I can't wait for your new chapters! :D
    6 years ago
    Me too :D
    6 years ago
    aww thanks so much you guys! i just got home so i'll be sure to write some tomorrow (':
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