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  • ✖️Mrs. Clifford✖️
    Can I be Michaels girlfriend please? Hair color:brown with honey highlights
    Eye color: grayish blue
    Name:Camille but Cami for short
    Personality: when you meet me I'm shy but once you get to know me I never shut up. I'm not like everyone thinks I am. I like Green Day and other bands yet I obsess over One Direction. I also have a vary insecure side that I show once in a while

    I would be really great full if you picked me!❤️
    These are the scars from bullies These are the scars from family And these are the scars from you..
  • ✖️Mrs. Clifford✖️
    Hi guys!!! So today in class was pretty awkward... I sit by him in Math,Social Studies, and Language Arts.... His friends kept looking at me at lunch and I got so pissed that I snapped and said"what the fuck do you want?!" Then walked away
  • ✖️Mrs. Clifford✖️
    My crush now knows I like him.............. I told my friend tht she could tell him, because she wouldn't stop asking to, and we found out one of my guy friends had already told him.......... While I was getting my wisdom teeth out.......... Ummmmmmmmm idek why he told him but now he knows and my friend asked him how pretty I was to him..... I got "Idk, maybe a 6 or 7" at least it's above 5.... Anywho!!!! Should I update?
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