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I absolutely love writing! It's a way to releave myself from stress!
I love one direction with a burning passion
I love dolphins haha
My fave color is Purple
I would describe myself as Fun, carefree, and Im not perfect I'm ME!!!

  • camcraze9127
    HI I'm Cami I have hazel eyes, teal hair, I'm loud fun to be around and crazy. i'm loving and please could i be with harry
    One direction Imagines and Preferences
    One direction Imag...
    These are just some imagines and preferences that I thought some people might like. I do take personal request just tell me your name, what you want to happen, and a brief description of yourself, and...
    6 years ago
    Okay the plot is me and Harry meet in a club two years before then two years later it comes to the present where it's our wedding day and I was reflecting on how we met and feel in love
  • camcraze9127
    please update its awesome
    Kidnapped by one direction
    Kidnapped by one...
    Emma. She was kind napped by 5 strange boys that she doesn't even know. She doesn't know that there famous too. Does she try to escape or finds out a big news about them ? Lets see
    6 years ago
    I will lol :)
  • camcraze9127
    Pour Some Sugar On Me
    Pour Some Sugar...
    Sophie, Nelly, Sammi, Zoey and Julia are all going clubbing. They meet One Direction in the club and get drunk. They make some mistakes and wake up the next day, with no recollection of what happened on...
  • camcraze9127
    name: Cami
    hair:(don't be ALARMED) teal
    eyes; hazel
    guy: Harry ^.^
    btw thanks for being a fan of mine!!! :)
    1D Imagines
    1D Imagines
    Hey if u tell me your name, eye color, hair color, (and any other features) and the guy ya wanna be with and i will write you 1 or 2 chapters. I will also do Josh, Ed Sheeran, Channing Tatum, Hunter...
    Eponine the Lovestruck
    holy effing crap you have teal hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
    6 years ago
    Yeah hahaha
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