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Art is my life and my purpose in this world. I love producing and collecting art. Some day I want to publish my own manga. Thank you to everyone who's ever seen my work. It means the world to me.
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  • C.J Styles
    7 years agoReply
    Bloody amazing! Seriously your writing is so good. It has upgraded over the years. I'm proud to say that this would of been a freaking awesome sequel as mentioned down below. I really like the FLOW of this story. It's not choppy and it's written in a video game format. Example: Cutscene dialogue. Good job buttmonkey :D
    It's been two years since the Fireflies had me and Joel captive, I really thought we were goners until he told me they gave up and that's when I knew we could start our lives over. But then Tommy told...
  • C.J Styles
    7 years agoReply
    In regards to Jo, I like the way she is much more unique compared to many of the others portrayal of her (not bashing anyone). What I mean by this is, she isn't too plain but she is well kept at the same time. I feel like you executed your vision of her well but my one critique for this would have to be body proportions. You seem to have a slight inconsistency there but with a few guidelines and practice I think you can make her hands and chest more in relation to the rest of her body. Other than that I think you portrayed her to the best of your ability without making her look out of character. I hope I make sense here. Well done with the shading and good luck in the competition dear! :3
    Death & Co art
    Death & Co art
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    7 years ago
    Thanks for the feedback ^-^ Yes, I know what you mean about the hand one! Lol. I'm currently drawing up it's replacement. Also with the body proportions, in the character description her body is meant to be curvaceous - thus the wide-flare of her body shape particularly starting from the shoulders and downwards. :3 Thanks again for your feedback though, and good luck to you also ^-^
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