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I'm Cheltzie, and I'm a writer--obviously...:D I'm also a huge Psych-O, Potterhead, Directioner, and All Time Hoe. Among other things. So that's what my fan fictions will mostly be based around. But I've also got originals that I'll be posting, as well. I'd love any feedback you have! (:

Also, my stories can be found on Fictionpress/FanFiction and Wattpad. If you're interested in what the characters of one of my stories (not one shots) look like, my Wattpad account has the cast listed for each character on the side when you're reading the story. My account name for Fictionpress is the same as it is here, however my FanFiction and Wattpad accounts are under the name OutThereBreathing (add spaces on FanFiction).

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