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Calum Hood? More like Calum why you lookin so Good.

  • emmmarie
    3 years agoReply
    I wondering if I could be featured in your story as Calum's girlfriend. My name is Emma and I have long blonde hair and dark brown eyes. I can be shy at some times, but if I'm around people I know really well I'm very outgoing. I'm always ways looking for a good time and I will never pass up the chance to pass up something a little risky. (Your story is very good by the way, I love it very much. Keep up the good work.)
    Violet Eyes |L.H|
    Violet Eyes |L.H|
    It's been 6 years since management made Luke breakup with Skyler when they found out she was pregnant with twins. What happens when those little violet eyes search for their father? Sequel to Purple...
  • emmmarie
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    Update thissss!!!! It's sooooo goooodddd������������������
    four five seconds l.h.
    four five seconds...
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    aw thank you !!!! i just updated hope you like it :)
  • emmmarie
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    Please update!!
    Forced Love
    Forced Love
    Calum Hood. The most popular boy at my school. Most girls dream about falling in love with him. Except me.
  • emmmarie
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    Please update soon this is the best thing ever��
    Anything For Us l.h
    Anything For Us...
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  • emmmarie
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    Title: Dark
    Author: emmmarie
    Subtitle: let's face it, everyone's afraid of the dark.
    Mood: cheeky, happy, sad
    Celebs: Calum Hood
    Summary: Cal moves in next door to Ashton(girl) and they fall in love but then something terrible happens to cal at the end.
    P.S the girl doesn't look like a celebrity but she has long blonde hair and brown eyes thanks!
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    cover store closed
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