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Go fan Andi Rose.
She's amazing.
I'm back... :P
I haven't been on here in a really long time. I missed you guys.

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    mumbled "updates"

    im sorry i havnt been updating. theres school and creepypastas witch are the most things holdong me back. well anyway im gonna start doing imagines on here instead of just making little movellas... Bye my buttheads.
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    Can you please please PLEASE update. I need CREEPYPASTA TIME
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    A Part of the Fami...
    How would your life with the Creepypastas be? find out here! This my first fanfic ever made so don't hate - and sorry if my english suck ~The Fanfic Writer~
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    Why. Why are you doin this to me. I NEED IT.
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