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{Thanks for visiting my page}
I love writing stories about fantasy or what I dream up.
I don't do fanfic because it's kind of wired to me. but who knows I might try it one day.
Also I will be adding stories from my other account on a different website.
Oh and I love drawing while listening to my favorite songs :). Enjoy my books

  • Bunny-Bun
    1 weeks agoReply
    Tell me about it!!
    Symbols of power
    Symbols of power
    Amelia is a normal seventeen year old girl. she goes out with friends, lives for social media and is excited for her eighteenth birthday. that is until she actual turns eighteen and figures out she's not...
    Eileen Prince
    1 weeks ago
    Seems good so far. The characters are very interesting and you have a good introduction, as well as an original-sounding plotline. There are a couple of issues with punctuation, but as that doesn't get in the way of the reading too much, that's not really a problem. I really like this and look forward to reading more. It shows plenty of potential and I always enjoy reading new things! :) Please keep updating!
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