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    Please update
    Forever and Ever
    Forever and Ever
    Charlotte Burke is a normal seventeen year old girl. She lives near LA and is used to all the famous people flying in and out. After her father walked out on her and her mother, she was the one to take...
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    Good story but you need to update.
    A One Direction Love Story <3
    A One Direction...
    It was a life she only dreamed about, a love she never thought could happen, and a tragedy she never knew existed. Maya Walker is the prime example of a plain and anti-social fifteen year old girl. When...
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    mumbled "I'm writing a story."

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    I writing a story who wants to be in it. Niall's girlfriend: taken
    Harry's girlfriend: open
    Zayn's girlfriends: open
    Louis girlfriend: open
    Liam's girlfriend: open
    All of their best friend: open
    waitress: open
    Niall's Mom: open
    My best friend: open
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    Jerrica and Niall cute romantic imagine. Freckles (not that many) gray eyes.
    One Direction Imagines {ON HOLD}
    One Direction Imag...
    Anything I need to know!!!! •Sweet•Romantic•Cute•Fight•Anniversary•ect.• P.S. NO DIRTY IMAGINES!!!!!!
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    Love the story can I please be in one my names jerrica.
    A Second Chance
    A Second Chance
    "I swear to god, it was Serena. But I know it's impossible. I searched the house and I saw her finally. She actually pitch black hair. She had on a red dress and red heels. I wanted her to turn around....
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