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13, Southern raised, North Carolina livin' but I wanna move to Sydney, Australia! I also wanna go to Ireland and England...

5SOS & 1D are my life, so yea, that's a little about me. ��

  • brooke5SOSxx
    Please update!
    Get in
    Get in
    It's kind of like a dream you know? You always have that dream of meeting them but you never realise how amazing that moment could be until you have it, you have to have that moment it's all you've ever...
  • brooke5SOSxx
    Hey, I have a question... Sorry this is really stupid but I'm new and don't know like anything but when I write will my Movella automatically make them pages or would you just scroll down on the screen?
    3 years ago
    It automatically makes the pages and dw hun I was the same ����
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