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Ollo, I'm Brittany, i probably wont post a story or anything like that, but im on here to read mostly horror and thrillers.

"Assumptions are dangerous things to make. Like all dangerous things to make - bombs, for example, or strawberry shortcake - even the tiniest mistake can end up in terrible trouble."
-Lemony Snicket

Life... why? Why do we live? To contemplate why life exists? To live? Or to write? How about all three, and some? Reading, writing, living, dreaming, regretting, missing, hoping, longing, thinking, hugging and kissing? Obviously there's more, but I can't be bothered to tell you all the reasons I even think about living!
You can see my age, date I joined and whatnot over there -->

But ... there are some things you cannot see! and many things you wont know about me, for all you know I'm just a Brittany and you are just a random person reading that im a Brittany.

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    Saving Lilly | z.m.
    Saving Lilly | z.m...
    "You are the kind of mystery I wouldn't mind spending my whole life unravelling." © Copyright of Maggi Styles ♡ 2014.
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    This was described and done so well, whoever you are, im quite proud of this.
    Fifty Shades Of Valentines
    Fifty Shades Of...
    Christian Grey's first Valentines. Alone and frustrated at Harvard University on the most romantic night of the year, Christian is disturbed by a knock on his door...
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    sounds good yu should keep writing good job :)
    You said you loved me.
    You said you loved...
    "Paige" never used to get attention off boys, since she changed her apperance and become a little more confident. This is when her first mature relationship occoured and things started to kick off between...
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    I love this story so much, its so creative ;)
    Your Own Worst Enemy
    Your Own Worst Ene...
    Miranda is the daughter of one of the most famous actresses in the world, but her life is far from fabulous. The girls at school bully her mercilessly. Yet that is not her worst problem. Adnarim, a malevolent...
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    Its a preeeeetty sweet poem :D
    The Deadly Game (Complete)
    The Deadly Game...
    "She was my beautiful baby girl." - Mother "She was a bright child, indeed." - Teacher "She was the sister I never had." - Best Friend "She was my everything." - Secret Crush "She...
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