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I write because I have a lot of things going on in my head that I want to remember!!

  • TrickkyNick
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    Sorry guys I haven't been here in a while, a lot of personal things have happened in my life and haven't been able to post anything, so I'm glad to be back and hope y'all are still here with me! ��������
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    I'm so happy to announce that the next chapter is coming out TONIGHT, hope ya'll are exited...

    The last chapter we left off with Selena leaving set to go finish her new album "revival"! And she wondered if she'd ever see Zac again. And Zac broke up with Sami and doesn't know Selena left! So many big things coming!!! ������
  • TrickkyNick
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    Hi everyone I'm sooo sorry I haven't been updating... I'm finishing school for the semester, I will have MANY GTEAT CHAPTERS coming THIS WEEK, so clear your calendars for reading time;

    Also please comment here on anything involving the story, what you like, don't like, what you wanna see stressed more or want you don't want in the story anymore!!!

    All input is appreciated so PLEASE lemme know! Thank you!

    Chapters coming this week! ������
    Selena Gomez:THE TRUTH
    Selena Gomez:THE...
    How Selena Gomez and Zac Efron fell in love with each other! WARNING: Occasional Explicit Language Mild Suggestive Content #Zelena #Romance #Sexy
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