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Full name brianna styles
Luv sports and def music
Luv my mum and dad and family
Play soccer
Practice playing soccer with louis hes rel god

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    This is amazing my brother is louis and i was showing him these storys he really likes urs im basically in her shoes but with louis and not in high school and for real not a story
    The Bad Boy's Sister (Complete)
    The Bad Boy's Sist...
    "Harry! I'm tired of you!" I yelled a lot louder then I wanted too. "What do you mean?" He asked confused. "I mean everything bad that has happened to me is because of you! I'm sick of it!" I said trowing...
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    Thank You!!
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    mumbled "Looking for the one"

    This is a story about a very romantic boy whos from a boy band named one direction, his name is Harry Styles. He finds the love of his life her name is Brianna who is looking for the perfect one as well. Brianna and Harry bumped into each other at a park. Thats when they met. See Brianna and Harrys relationship and what will happen.
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