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Well, hey there ;)
The fact that you're on profile is truly amazing. I mean how'd you find me of all people?! Lol. Anyways. My name is Breanna, Breanna Lynn. Not gonna say the last name just 'cause of any creepers on here. My birthday is September 7th . My favorite color is blue, but I am NOT a mellow person. I live life to the fullest. I'm a pretty happy person, really spontaneous. But if ya mess with me I'm not afraid to kick ass. I live in the United States of America, the Michigan part. Four brothers and sisters, with divorced parents. I absolutely love to read and write, but I'm pretty insecure about my writing. So if I put up a story be honored(: If you haven't noticed I'm pretty good with my grammar. I bet you just went back to look. :b Lmfaoo. One Direction. (: They are my one && only true loves. They've taught me to not be insecure, to never grow up, that it's okay to be different, anything can happen if you set your mind to it, being shy isn't a bad thing. Sounds cheesy right? Well. It's 110% reall && Directioners everywhere will tell you the same thing. ♥

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