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So - This is gonna be something!
I'm from Denmark, but I'm more used to writing in English, so that's what I'm gonna do, and hope for good criticism!

I update often in smaller chapters, to make sure that each chapter wont be too long to read.

I am also on under the same name.

  • Of Kings and Queens
    Of Kings and Queen...
    by Brammer
  • Juliet and Juliet
    Juliet and Juliet
    by Brammer
  • Mighty Heroes: The Banished Guard
    Mighty Heroes: The...
    by Brammer
  • Skyrim: The life of a Dovahkiin
    Skyrim: The life...
    by Brammer
  • Brammer

    mumbled "Don't fret, my dear fans"

    6 years agoReply
    Greetings to anyone that reads this~
    I am going to write a 1D FanFiction, although it's to be taken as a joke, and it's only something I will do ONCE. It'll contain 5 chapters, one for each member, and will contain plenty of gore. I think.
    No worries, I wont make a nasty habit out of this.
    Don't leave me! No! Why are you going?! Close the door and come back!

    I am fighting through finals, so I haven't been able to write on any of my stories in a long time.
    But next week, I'm free~!

    This was mostly aimed at my fans and any future fan, to let them know, that I will write a 1D FanFiction (shivers by the thought), and I swear to the Gods, that I will only do this once.
    I will return to my other writings as soon as possible.

    Stay golden, my lovelies~
    Ms Holly
    6 years ago
    So it's technically an anti-fanfic? Please let me know when you publish it, as it sounds awesome.
    6 years ago
    Hahaa, well I guess it is!
    I'll let you know right away then
    Ms Holly
    6 years ago
    Thank you!
  • Brammer
    6 years agoReply
    I would love to join

    But I'm from Denmark, so the chances that they would ship the prizes to me, are slim.
    I am also already writing one, so I'm not going to start a new one either.

    Good luck to all of the other competitors though!
    6 years ago
    Hey we're also running the same competition on the Danish version of our site. (link:

    Gaming fan fiction

    by Charlotte Holm Juul, Thursday May 23, 2013
    However, if you want to write your story in English, we are sending gaming headsets to 3 international winners-- so definitely join, because there's still a chance of winning prizes! Hope this helped.
  • Brammer

    Non-1D FF

    6 years agoReply
    I'm not here to hate on 1D FanFiction.

    I'm here to ask, if there's any FanFiction on GAMES?

    There are so many FanFictions about 1D; who's even real people. And Harry Potter and Hunger Games, and such.

    Where's all the FanFiction for gamers?
    AC? ME? TES? Fallout?
    There are plenty of RPG games, so why are there such a lack of FanFiction on them?
    6 years ago
    I have a gaming fanfic i made about halo one of my favorite games! some of my other favorite games are Animal Crossing series,Tomb Raider,Call of duty,Grand theft auto,Little big planet and Infamous i have more but it will take a long time to write them all XD
    Halo War of The CenturyHalo Back to the beginning for The Video Game Fanfic Competition :) enjoy!
    6 years ago
    Hahaa, well at least it's not any of the 1D's or HP or HG, and I do like Pokémon, so I'll take a look when I got time.
    Also, Yes, I've heard of the competition, and I am going to read the FanFic's on it too.

    Ouh Halo~
    I'll take a look at that when I got time, hahaa
    And same, I play so many games, it would take forever to write them down!
  • Brammer

    mumbled ""

    6 years agoReply
    Greetings everyone~!
    I just stopped by to tell you all, that I now have a website for my writing; so far two books have been added.
    You will not be able to read it on the website, I have links to re-direct you to
    But I will give closer descriptions to my books, characters and worlds on the website.
    If anyone knows about, you'll know what I'm talking about.

    More will be added in the future, and I'm far from done as you can see under "Characters"
    Thanks you.
  • Brammer


    6 years agoReply
    So since there's so many discussions and threads and what not about all of this between 1D's and other authors and such, I'd like to bring up a topic that annoys me rather much.

    I figure I'm not the only one receiving comments on my stories about "Could you please read my story!"
    Well first of all, honestly, those are incredibly annoying when you expect a comment, and then it's just "Read my story".
    Secondly, these are often done, in my cases, by 1D fans, and as I've obviously stated, I am NOT (like seriously) a fan of any kind of 1D fanfictions or such.
    I of course tell them kindly that I am not interested in their fanfictions about 1D.
    I am still greatly annoyed by it.

    So, please DO NOT write any kind of comments to me, asking if I'd like to read your story.
    Also, if you are a 1D fan, mind yourself and see if others are before you bother them about this.

    Sometimes I think that Moevalls should just get separated into two groups, so things like this wont happen, and so that 1D wont be on our front page or "popular lists". But not like that would help anything.

    I would very much like that! Thank you!
    6 years ago
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    Hah, I rarely get comments, and when I do it's from people asking me to read theirs, without any kind of feedback or nothing!

    Even though I haven't gotten a single comment, like or nothing from the peeps on Hexbound, I still like that website ten times more than this one! Due to the "no-fanfiction" rule, which I love, despite writing fanfiction myself.
    *Certified Hypocrite*
    6 years ago
    Haha @Movellas Reporter - I know what you mean. But, I mean if people give me (what I deem as) honest feedback, or atleast make an effort to read whatever they're commenting on then maybe I'd probably check theirs out... (If I'm bothered, cause I'm usually too lazy -.-)

    Some people want honest feedback, etc, that's why they leave comments with a link to their writing. It's kind of sad though that the whole reason has changed from something like asking for feedback (maybe only asking 2-7 approx people) to now asking like 100's of people just for the views. It's also sad how the majority of people posting links in comments saying "Read this" are One Directioners. :/
    Movellas Reporter
    Haha, if they give honest and good feedback, I'd with no doubt take a look at their, but if they don't then I just ignore it. :)
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