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  • bradfordbadboylover
    Please update, this is one of your best movellas yet. I love it!
    white noise chocolate
    white noise chocol...
    We all have our problems and with ours we need each other in order to solve them. We need to help each other, we need to understand each other. We need to love each other, make each other feel one another....
  • bradfordbadboylover
    I read Baise-Moi a while back and absolutely loved it! I'm so excited to read Army Of Two, I can already tell I'm going to love this movella just as much!!!
    Army Of Two
    Army Of Two
    You've found me right when I needed you the most. And now we are living on the love that we deserve, and you are going to have to heal me. When will there be time for me and you especially now that I'm...
  • bradfordbadboylover
    Update please, I like it, I think it's really cute!
    The BradFord Bad Boi
    The BradFord Bad...
    Meet Zayn, he has a reputation to live up to. One that includes a wild life. Which sometimes Zayn doesn't allways agree with. Allthough everyone in the small town thinks of Zayn as a bad kid who breaks...
    7 years ago
    I am so sorry everyone. I totall forgot about this fanfiction! I will definatley update now that I know I have reads!
  • bradfordbadboylover
    Update please, it's really good!!! :)))
    Bad Boi Malik
    Bad Boi Malik
    Isabella is used to going to parties with her friends. One night at a party, she meets a certain guy who she keeps seeing around her for the rest of the evening.He is revealed to be ZAYN MALIK. A known...
  • bradfordbadboylover
    pleaseee let it be brook and zayn, TEAM ZOOK!!! update please! <3 this movella is really good
    Dark || Z.M
    Dark || Z.M
    "Zayn." I begged. "You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone. His reputation fooled what I saw.
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