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hello my name is scout (they/them) and i write some good things sometimes i guess
i'm 14, british, sagittarius and sometimes funny; feel free to check out my work if you can

  • boyscout
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    this seems super cool so far, and i'm loving the nonbinary representation! just wondering, is this story named after the twenty one pilots song?
    Isle of Flightless Birds
    Isle of Flightless...
    Everybody dies. Water is wet. How enlightening. Something equally well known: teenagers are bored and foolish. That is the moral of the story. Well, I think so anyway. Maybe there's something else to...
    yup! this was written aaaaaaaaaaages ago so i doubt im coming back to it, but im glad you like it
    3 years ago
    haha no worries, i just thought it was a cool concept (and the name is pretty awesome too)
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