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"Oh, it goes beyond sympathy. Sympathy is to understand what someone feels; empathy is to project your imagination so that you actually feel what the other person is feeling: you put yourself in the other person's place."

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    Black Dresses
    Black Dresses
    "Ready girls?" Amber says to Cam, Miki, and me. We all looked at her like she was crazy, but we still went along with it. We loved Amber but she had her insane ideas. And tonight is one big one. We walked...
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    I will and update coming soon:)
    One Little Lying Mix
    One Little Lying...
    Perrie decides to head to little old Rosewood to see an old friend that moved to Rosewood a while back. The whole little mix group decides they need a vacation and goes to Rosewood too. After two days...
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