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Jesus Christ I was a wanker when I was younger fuck me
I've rediscovered this after like 2 years holy shit
I'm so sorry to anyone that's read these fucking books

  • What The Fuck Mate
    This is so cool I can't wait to see what happens next!
    Dauntless Blood.
    Dauntless Blood.
    People say faction before blood, but I think otherwise. Why choose a cruel society over family? I don't know. I love on the farms of Amity but I am nothing like the people of Amity. I am not kind. I am...
  • What The Fuck Mate
    Yayyy I've finished it! I'm going to start writing Hogwarts-Third Year soon!
    Hogwarts- Second Year
    Hogwarts- Second...
    Amy Matthews, a witch in Harry Potter's year, tells the story from their perspective.
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