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If I had to live by the words I wrote I would either be a mermaid, an Alien Princess, a superpowered heroine or a desperate detective.

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    mumbled "New Story "

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    This one is about superheroes and is for the Stan Lee competition. Feedback is always welcome. Excelsior :)
    Origin StoriesThe only advice a superhero can give someone is that powers are overrated. I know that sounds stupid, especially coming from someone who has powers himself...
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    mumbled "Draft 2 Completion "


    After nearly three weeks of intensive drafting, Day 723 has finally been rewritten and checked for plot holes and flaws. It's not perfect, nothing ever is in my book. But it's done. I'll be republishing the chapters until the novel is fully published over the next couple of weeks. For now, the first 8 redrafted chapters are there for your viewing pleasure.
    Feedback is always welcome.
    Day 723There are two Possibilities. One; humans have given up after a nuclear war killed half the planet, in return, those without money either succumb to the...
    Shaun JH Nightshade
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    Well done. Look forward to reading it :)
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    And this one is close to my heart since it's about Museums, god I love museums.
    Poem Stained Fingertips"I may have poem stained fingertips but I have a tongue coated with a thousand pins of silence." A refillable book of every idea and scrap that I can...
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    mumbled "A great opportunity for feedback or fanart"

    With Movellas being a little quiet there's currently an opportunity here to receive and give feedback and fanart. Each month you'll get something specially tailored to one or more of your stories. You just need to sign up, and the deadline ends tomorrow at midnight GMT so you need to be in it to win it :)
    The Great Movellas Gift SocietyA perpetually renewing monthly 'Secret Santa' to give and receive fan responses to your work. Read the introduction chapters for information on how to...
    The Intelligence Division
    Thank you for sharing :D
    I'll just add that being in it and contributing something does in fact qualify you for winning... there is no losing as it is not a competition.
    Also the aim is not so much to give feedback, but fan contribution, so, fanfiction, fan art, etc. as it's a bit more fun, and a change from the usual.
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    The final chapter (C38) of The Soul Barter is officially published! The last line will always be one that I am proud of. Any feedback is always appreciated, thanks :)
    The Soul Barter"The Soul Barterer is on their way and a crows been killed. There may be a line of oil against the window but your debt must be paid." Delia will do anyth...