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I love foxes, (not very obvious is it?) lol. I like to laugh alot when people say something funny but I really am just into writing stories so...... enjoy!

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    Personality: crazy but cute.
    Looks:white blonde hair with blue frigne
    1D guy:Harry Styles
    Mini plot: Me + harry meet each other during a concert and he kisses me after singing me a special song.

    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    Imagines with the boys. Hope you enjoy them.
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    mumbled "Random motavational thing No.4"

    Sorry for no updates and whatwer I missed! Been camping, A.K.A it ties in with my theme.
    Whether you're camping or you're sleeping round a friends, check for annoying siblings or pine cones before you sleep anywhere. You end up a lot better in the morning! >:D
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    mumbled "Random motavational thing No.3"

    If at first you don't succeed, try again! You will eventually beat it!!! (Whether it be a game of checkers against your older sibling or if it is getting to the bus stop on time)
    7 years ago
    Meh, I disagree. If you fail it's not a matter of trying again, it's a matter of trying something new (as in a new tactic in checkers or whatever).
    7 years ago
    I can never beat my sister at anything... and believe me I've tried countless times. But nice speech thingy! :)
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    Wow, please write more!! It is so awsome!!!!
    The Last Moon Dragon
    The Last Moon Drag...
    PSA to idiots on the internet who think it's ok to plagiarise, this story has already been reposted once by a user on wattpad and I (OP / author) reported them immediately. Don't copy and paste other people's...
    Queen of The Dragon-Owls
    Thanks :D I wrote two chapters this morning but I'm hoping to update again tonight :)
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