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Heyy. The names Nikole. (Kinda unique, with a k and all.)
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'Live fast, have fun, and be a bit mischievous '.
Compassion is given for free, but respect has to be earned.
When nothing goes right... Go left ��
I wanna live forever, Wanna live for you and me.
Life is full of opportunities ��
вlaн, вlaн, вlaн, ι can'т нear yoυ
#catgang ������

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    why'd you do thatt!!
    The Sibling Games
    The Sibling Games
    Liam and Cassie, siblings and twins. Although they're twins, they can barely get along with each other, constantly fighting. That's when they come up with the Sibling Games. It's a prank, argument, and...
    4 years ago
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    write moreeeee!
    Dysfunctional » l.p
    Dysfunctional »...
    We were always both at fault, finding ways to hurt each other. It was always something. We're falling apart, love no longer a part in our relationship. We're just dysfunctional. Copyrighted © 2014 by...

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    So... I was playing around in school and I thought about this idea for a story. It's called 'Sink.' Can you guys tell me what you think? Here it is:
    "Why do you keep backing away from me? It's like one minute you love me, than the next, you don't want anything to do with me. Please, tell me why." Jason pleaded, depression overtaking his ever so perfect features.
    "I'm afraid. I'm afraid that if i get too deep and involved with you, I'll end up sinking in. I won't be able to get out. It's just a matter of time before it happens. I'm sorry." Daphnie lowered her head as she shed a single tear, a tear that would last a thousand lives if it wasn't for the fact it was sunken into the heart of her greatest fear....... Sinking.
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    send it to meeeee
    5 years ago
    Send you what
    Royal Treasure
    5 years ago
    DO IT!! Love it!
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    Stop it with the cliff hangers!!!! Ugh! You make me so mad����
    Blackbird [On Hold]
    Blackbird [On Hold...
    "Blackbird singing in the dead of night. Take these broken wings and learn to fly. All your life. You were always waiting for this moment to arise." I slowed down my breathing as his soft, gentle voice...
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