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3 girls that love Justin Bieber(:
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    mumbled "I'm so sorry...."

    YOU GUYS!!! AHHHH I MISS Y'ALL SO MUCH. i just wanted to make this to tell you amazing readers that everything is alright and i'm finally working on a new chapter right now. It's hard to explain but everything got really hectic with finals and family and studying and everything. it made me smile to come back on and see all of your exciting comments. i'm glad y'all liked the last chapter! stay tuned(: ily all
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    mumbled "I Promise"

    hi guys(: we are working on the next chapter! we're trying to make it extra long for ya'll so that's why we haven't updated, but there will for sure be one tomorrow night! thank you for the sweet comments... every comment we get, the better the chapter(: we love youuuuu. talk to you tomorrow, goodnight, loves. :*
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