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    mumbled "Sorry"

    Hey guys, today I'm trying to update all my fanfics.. Ik it have been a long time since I last updated.. But I'm going tho some really hard times and yeah.. It's just hard to keep things together because something always happen. Honesty I feel awful for not updating and trust me, I think about you guys a lot and on updating, but it's hard.. Please keep liking, commenting and favouriting cause I'm updating soon (: I love you all oxox
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    mumbled "Writing"

    Hey guys sorry that I haven't updated for a long time... I've been so so so hurt... I still am but I need to update for you guys, I'm writing on it rn and it'll probably be up tomorrow.. I'm sorry
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    mumbled "Gonna die."

    I overdosed.
    7 years ago
    My bf cheated again and broke up. I wanna die
    7 years ago
    Can you tell a parent or adult that you've overdosed and ask them to help? Adults are better at helping than we thing and I'm sure they can help you with this. You have so much more to look forward to and these hurdles shouldn't stop you from living your life fully and seeing the world. You are so important, and deserve so much more than this, please, go and tell someone or call the hospital/999. You can do this.
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