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Ohmy.. Well, where do I start? I'm a enthusiastic writer, loves dark romances, and death note!! ^_^ oh yes! Beyond Birthday is my murderer and Lawliet my lawlipop ^_^ heheh *fangirl moment*

As you can tell, I'm an extreme Death Note fanatic and am in love with L Lawliet.

And to ask my thoughts aloud... WHY DO YOU ALL HATE MY LITTLE NEAR? Most fanfics and from things if found, don't take to well to the snow white haired boy genius. He is simply the mirror image of L, so what's your problem?!? Anyway, your choice. JUST BACK OFF MY LITTLE BABY BITCHES. Serious rage, over.

Gahh... Bleach has made its way here...Dammnit.
Okay, lets just do an anime and 'things i love' list:D
~Vampire Knight
~Jeff The Killer
~Slender Man
~Beyond Birthday
~L Lawliet
~Nate River
~Ichigo Kurosaki
~Ulquiorra Shiffer ((Or Cifer))
~....?? What now??

Okay, so I listen to various music.
~The Script
~Linkin Park
~The Birthday Massacre
~Ed Sheeran
~Trading Yesterday
~Breaking Benjamin
~Three Days Grace
~Secondhand Serenade
~Meh, loads more:D

L didn't die... He just went to Bleach and died again XD

Love vampire stories and things that could make me cry, weirdo I guess, but hey.

Music on, writing starts.

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    mumbled "New thing"

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    Not going to lie, this new little spin off story is inspired a lot by TFIOS (The Fault In Our Stars) hope you like ^.^
    7 years ago
    Love that book, made me cry...cause I'm such a saddo. Gonna take a look now!
    7 years ago
    Awh thanks! Please do ^.^
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    mumbled "It's me again"

    Hey TurtleS:)
    HOPEFULLY Scream Me a Lullaby will be updated tonight or tomorrow night ^.^
    Thanks for all your comments, voting, and reading! It means a lot to me. Keep up the great work:) I'm always open for chats on stories and things.

    I know what it's like to go through rough patches, and I wanna be here for you if you want an outside persons point of view:")

    Lots of Love guys <3
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    mumbled "IT'S TOO LATE Dx"

    Hey Turtles! Yes, it's veeeeeerry late, but I just finished editing over my new trailer for 'Let Her Be'. Please have a look:")
    It takes a lot of time and energy to make these video things, you wouldn't believe how many hours I've spent:c anyway... Yeah!
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